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Dear Vasavites

Brahma Raatha Malachuko Gelupu Geetha Geesuko

One Minute Success Meditation

For 30 years, Superwhizz Gupta,an FCA  in collaboration with Himalaya Yogis, has diligently researched and crafted '1 Min Success Meditation', a powerful technique endorsed by The Then Indian President Sri Abdul Kalam Garu and shared with the global community through Sri Abdul Kalam's official website.

Superwhizz Gupta has  imparted this '1 Min Success Meditation' on multiple occasions at conferences hosted by NATS, TANA, and other organizations. In 2023, he conducted sessions in May at NATS in New Jersey and in July at TANA in Philadelphia.

The '1 Min Success Meditation' functions as the ultimate tool (Brahmastra) for achieving success in career, health, finances, legal affairs, family, and goal attainment, while also easing mental strain, all within a span of 2 hours

The accolade of receiving TANA's honor is attributed to the effectiveness of this  '1 Min Success Meditation' and many other events in USA

The '1 Min Success Meditation' received applause from the Governor of Illinois, USA.

Health Happiness and Fitness Committee