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President Message

May 8th, 2020


For the past two months what I have learned from each and every one of you is,
“We can come together in need of time and we care for each other”.
Every member pledged to volunteer and be part of this great initiative to show how strong we are as ONE Team,
Staying strong together during the difficult situations is a high priority and we became a go-to-person to each other for all needs, all the teams helped one another with utmost sincerity.

Success in an organization is affected by the ability to adapt to, NRIVA is the epitome of how best we adapted and stood up to help and support to COVID-19 pandemic situation.

What we have been doing to make a difference in these two months virtually during these Pandemic times are:

Health & Wealth
   - Doctors Panel advice on COVID-19 and Health seminars.
   - COVID-19 help line and relief fund support
   - Motivational speeches from experts.
   - Tax Adjustments and Benefits Webinars.
   - Market analysis, real estate and strategy webinars.

Devotion & Emotion
   - Our members support to Families who lost their near & dear ones.
   - We are far but we all came together under one roof to perform our “Vasavi Jayanthi”
   - Prayers for world happiness, to bring normalcy back to Mankind and meditation for emotional health.

Youth & Adults
   - Education seminars from college prep, research and publishing papers.
   - Youth educational tutoring.
   - Motivational speeches from our adults on all verticals.

Janma Bhoomi and Karma Bhoomi
   - Adopt a Village, our brand new initiative took off in very short time, gave many villages in need that “we are there”.
   - Adopt a Student, our Flagship program continuous their journey and helped so many.
   - Helping students and families affected in United States.
   - Increased collaboration with several non-profit organizations to extend help for those in need.
   - Providing guidance and offering help to our members on the changes in Immigration laws

Mission 20 ONE
   - Services, is working tirelessly making service partnerships
   - Membership and chapter development, a life of our growth and sustenance is making considerable progress
   - Srujana, our women’s group is expanding the roots to all chapters in bringing the needed inclusion
   - Technology, Social Media an essential fabric of our Digital Footprint is consistently improving the infrastructure supporting our growth
   - Youth group is taking shape to launch interactive engagement events

Leadership, a key ingredient of Mission 20 ONE - Empowerment at grass roots is brewing to transform NRIVA to a true service organization.

I want to thank each and every one of you for being part of this wonderful journey of taking NRIVA from good to great.
Thanks to Chairman garu, EC, Board, AC, EDs, RDs, Standing Committees, Chapter Leads, all Volunteers, and well wishers for all your unconditional support to take NRIVA to next level.

As Mahatma Gandhi’ji said, "Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from indomitable will".
Let us continue our good work with strong will and team spirit to achieve our Mission 20 ONE Goals.

Stay safe, Stay Strong and Stay together

Go Mission 20 ONE !!! Go NRIVA!!! Jai Vasavi Matha!!!

Hari Raini
President, NRIVA


January 1st, 2020

Dear NRIVA Family,

Happy New Year 2020 to all NRIVA Family.

NRIVA, came a long way ever since it was founded, and living up to its motto “Connecting to Serve” by connecting 1000’s of Vasavites worldwide. Many hard working volunteers’ commitment and dedication has been main driving force in achieving this motto and mission of NRIVA by spreading the Vasavi Matha’s message “Dharmam-Seelam-Ahimsa”. I am proud to say that I am one of those volunteers and have been part of NRIVA since the inception and helped the organization grow brick by brick along with many active volunteers.

The modern India that I know, have a lot of groups in forefront with a positive thought to help the needy and betterment of underprivileged. I feel NRIVA is one of those esteemed organizations and provides a best platform for all of us to help the underprivileged in the society back home, here in USA and across the world, and at the same time gives us an opportunity to come together as a family to share the values, ideas.

Even though we all live far from India , I am sure everyone know about our rich culture close to their heart. NRIVA can give us a chance to appreciate our culture and customs and at the same time, we can pass on the same and values to our next generations.

As I took the highest office of NRIVA, and it comes with a big responsibility, and I feel you are all with me to take the NRIVA to the next level.

Thanks to all those who worked so hard to bring NRIVA to this level. Now we have bigger responsibility even work harder to take it to the next level.

I would like to extend special thanks to all the 2018-2019 Term EC and Board of Directors, NRIVA Core Team.

Thank you very much for all those who came forward to help us and be part of this great organization in 2020-2021 Term.

With all your experience and expertise, let’s all work together to build stronger and better NRIVA for generations to come. 

We have scheduled our first EC and BOD Joint meeting in Chicago from January 31st -Feb 2nd. Many of our teams and active volunteers are working on various activities and we would like to meet in person to discuss and review our Vision and Mission for the Term 2020-2021” with all our leadership teams.

We have been working on establishing NRIVA Vision for the Term 2020-21 with a mission to take our organization to the next level.

During this Joint Meeting,  we will be ready to put forward our Vision for 2020-21 term proposal before our leadership, which will showcase what our plans and activities for next few years.

We promise that we will promote transparency and will listen to each and every individual who can bring up the change and make a positive difference. 

We would like to promise you all that we have exciting 2 years ahead of us and request you all to join us to serve the organization and promote Vasavi Matha message.

I believe in one thing, “Manava Seve, Madhava Seva”.  As Dalai La ma said, if you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion”.

Thank you all very much,

Jai Vasavi Matha !


Hari Raini
President, NRIVA