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President Message

September 10, 2018

My Dear Vasavites

I am very proud and privileged to be part of NRIVA from its inception. Over last 10 years, we have spread the Vasavi Matha message “Dharmam-Seelam-Ahimsa”, helping many poor and underprivileged with their education, emergency and medical help and other needs. We are also able to connect many people with Matrimonial, Business, Carrier, immigration, Health and various other activities in line with our motto “Connect to Serve”.

I would like to thank all our Members, Chapter leads, Committee Chairs, Co-chairs, Executive Team, Board members and all Volunteers who have put tremendous number of hours with passion, dedication and commitment to grow NRIVA to the highest level. I have witnessed firsthand this organization growing from 1 chapter to 40+ chapters and connecting more than 10000+ Vasavites throughout the country.

We can’t thank enough all our donors for their continuous support for NRIVA without whom we could not have done various service activities over the years, and hope to have their support, love and affection in the future too.

I am very excited to share that we have 30 different committees continuously working on several activities and here are some important activities and achievements during last few months:

  • For the first time in the history of NRIVA we have conducted oath ceremony program for EC, BOD, Chairs, Co-chairs and Chapter leads in Detroit during January 2018.
  • We have initiated and presented Vision 2020 plan that is aligned with our mission statement “Connecting to Serve”. The objective of Vision 2020 plan is to take our organization to the highest level. Vision 2020 document is prepared covering several projects with clear time lines on delivery with 10 Years road map. In our Vision 2020 Plan we have included some long term legacy projects like building Vasavi Temple/Community Center/Retirement Center in USA and NRIVA Bhavan/Choultry in India.
  • As part of Vasavi Atmarpana day we have initiated NRIVA Vasavi Seva days across all chapters. More than 20 chapters have performed Vasavi Atmarpana Pooja and actively participated in service activities like Food drives, Blanket drives, Coat drives, Soup kitchen drives and various other service activities. Sponsored 4 families with ManagalaSuthram. Started Campaign for Kerala Flood Relief. Vasavi Seva team is planning for another drive during this fall.
  • This year Vasavi Jayanthi Celebrations was grand success. For the first time more than 35+ chapters had enthusiastically celebrated Vasavi Jayanthi across USA. Close to 6000 people attended the Vasavi Jayanthi events from all the chapters. We have distributed Vasavi idols, Prasadam from Penugonda to all chapters. We have conducted Vasavi Maha mantra chanting sessions and conducted Vasavi alankaram and essay writing competitions.
  • Created chapter guidelines document and conducted sessions with chapter leads.
  • Created standard banners and flyers for all our signature events as part of our Branding strategy and working on templates for all the NRIVA activities.
  • Implemented Social media guidelines and rolled out the new process to all chapters and core team members.
  • We are in the process of development of new web portal to enhance our productivity and create seamless experience for our members as part of our Technology strategy. Technology committee has been updating the website with all the updates.
  • We have initiated SRUJANA (Women’s Committee) and successfully conducted their first webinar for women and coming up with another webinar for financial awareness for women in September. They also started various women’s activities under this banner.
  • Applied 80(G) application for NRIVA India trust . This is required for accepting funds from GMR Matching program.
  • Youth Committee initiated forming chapter level leadership to conduct youth activities in chapters and started planning to coordinate several activities.
  • Education committee had conducted some summer STEM workshops in some chapters and conducted a webinar by a youth member and also trying to get the other webinar.
  • Conducted more than 3 Immigration sessions to benefit our members with various immigration changes that are taking place in USA. Our immigration team has created multiple WhatsApp groups and helping our members with various questions on daily basis.
  • As part of Adopt a Student program we have sponsored 25 students until now and planning to sponsor another 25 students before the end of the year.
  • Conducted a webinar on ‘Diabetes and Thyroid’ and in the process of conducting a walk by Health and fitness team.
  • Help line team has helped with various Medical and Death related Fund raisers over the year.
  • Alaska Cruise was great success. Total of 117 plus families with approximately 350 members joined the group from 20 plus chapters and families from 3-4 countries.
  • Conducted first Successful Matrimonial session in Cruise. Around 70 parents participated and we have more than 1200 profiles on our NRIVA matrimonial website.
  • New Chapter Committee added two new chapters until now and working towards few more chapters before the end of the year.
  • Chapter Coordination Committee has organized several chapter coordination calls for promoting the vision 2020, chapter leads guidelines, and committee chairs calls along with other calls. Also collecting all the members from local chapters and updating the website.
  • Signed contract with Suburban Place, Novi, MI for our upcoming convention.
  • This is our first Vasavi Vani for the year 2018 and we are planning to start publishing the Vasavi Vani semi-annual basis.

NRIVA 5th Global convention is going to be held in Novi, MI near Detroit during July 4 th to July 6 th of 2019. I request all of you to block your calendars and plan to attend the convention with your family and friends. We have already started planning for the convention and crafting some exciting programs. Keep watching for more details… on “Destination Detroit”

Last but not least, we would request you all to visit for any organization related activities. Thank you all for your continuous support to NRIVA and appreciate all your help.

May Goddess Vasavi Matha shower good health, wealth and prosperity on all of us.


Nagender AythaPresident NRIVA 2018-19