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Adopt A Village

NRIVA "Adopt-A-Village" Initiative

Jai Vasavimaatha!

NRIVA Adopt a Village (AAV) aims to achieve lasting and sustainable change with minimal upkeep, focusing on three key service areas: Infrastructure Improvement, Women Empowerment, and General Service.

Under Infrastructure Improvement, the initiative targets enhancements such as bus shelters, benches, senior living facilities, orphanage support, water purification systems, and essential school and medical equipment to the needy.

The Women Empowerment aspect involves fostering self-employment by providing tools like sewing machines and flour mills, offering training in areas like tailoring and software tools, and collaborating with other organizations dedicated to empowering women.

In the realm of General Service, AAV strives to provide wheelchairs for the handicapped, conduct medical camps, offer artificial limbs, improve drainage systems, address mosquito-related issues, and potentially explore initiatives like conducting health screening camps etc.

If you are looking for any help in giving back to your home land and you see need that helps improve the daily life in your own community, please let us know by filling the request form located at

For any questions and or would like to know more information on what Adopt A Village team can do for your community, please contact us by sending an email to

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