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WhatsApp guidelines for all official NRIVA WhatsApp groups

Dear NRIVA team, 

In order to optimize our WhatsApp group and as our community is growing, we have created the following guidelines that each official NRIVA WhatsApp group must follow.  These guidelines will help us focus on key NRIVA matters and help us better serve our community. 

Know the purpose / reason for the formation of the group and act accordingly.  

Post NRIVA related information only.  This is not a place for Forwards/Shares for non-NRIVA related information

Confirm the validity of the news you wish to share in your group before circulating it.  If it is a forward, mention in the beginning 

Send congratulatory and condolence messages directly to the recipient/family.  Do not post in the main groups to avoid crowding as we are a large community 

Discussion- unless necessary, deal individually with a member, not in the group 

Actively participate, share your thoughts in a positive and constructive manner

Strictly avoid all such msgs which directly or indirectly harm anybody in person, gender,  group, region, religion, caste etc. 

Refrain from posting messages that are related to any political party (India, US etc.). NRIVA does not endorse any political affiliation. 

Thank you

NRIVA Leadership