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NRIVA’s Mangala-Suthram-Project aims to help the most underprivileged families with the marriages by supporting them with financial and logistical assistance. NRIVA community members recommend poor families who need a helping hand and financial assistance, which is approximately between $200 to $1200 depending on the family needs. Our Team raises necessary funds and coordinates the rest of the process. We are happy to share that this project has successfully supported many needy families over years. We sincerely thank each and everyone for joining hands with NRIVA and supporting the cause.

How to Support

If you are interested in supporting this cause, you can make a donation in any amount to help the needy families.

  • Please use our Donate Page to contribute(in any amount) to Mangala Sutram Project.
  • On donation page, Under ‘Donation For’, please choose ‘Other’ and enter Mangala Sutram project
  • All monitory donations to NRIVA are Tax deductible in USA
  • For non monitory donations, please contact one of our team at the below email address

We thank you for your generous support.

Need more details?

Please contact NRIVA Mangala Sutram team via email at for more details.

Project History

Our well wisher Sri.Bob Grandhi garu and his wife Smt.Radha garu have been running Mangala Suthram project from many years personally and after looking at NRIVA work, they decided to do this program through NRIVA and expand this program to wider community. They established the process and developed few highly motivated and service oriented people in couple of districts in India. Bob Grandhi garu and Radha Grandhi Garu will play key role in the project along with team from NRIVA. For many years they were helping marriages of extremely underprivileged with Rs10000 to Rs.25000 depending on the case.

Few people from India are actively helping with this project and identifying the needy families and coordinating the effort on the ground. Sri.PNS Murthy Garu from GMR group also actively helping with this project.

Managalasutram Request