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Our Story


Vasavi Kanyakaparameswari Devi (Also known as Vasavi Matha) sacrificed her life to avoid the bloodshed and war. Her message to the world is Dharmam-Seelam-Ahimsa (Dharma-Integrity-Non Violence), which was also followed by great people like Jesus Christ, Budha, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Amarajeevi Potti Sriramulu.



Introduction of NRIVA

NRI Vasavi Association is a social and cultural non-profit organization for all Vasavi followers across the globe. NRIVA is connecting all Vasavites and serving the entire community in India and abroad. NRIVA has participation of intellectuals and leaders from all over the world. NRIVA Local chapters in USA and other countries are very active in different activities in their locations. NRIVA successfully running the Monthly Newsletter to keep all Vasavi community informed about the news and NRIVA activities. NRIVA activities are also aimed to recognize the talent and creativity in the community. NRIVA’s Adopt-A-Student program will help the ‘under privileged’ students all over the world, in which NRIVA members adopt needy students and help them throughout the selective program. With effective organizational efforts and dedicated hard work, our organization is growing very rapidly.

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Mission Statement

  • To connect all Vasavites globally to serve the community.
  • Help underprivileged people in the areas of Education and Health
  • Preserve and promote our culture and Values
  • Bring awareness about the History of Vasavi Matha’s self-immolation and the sacrifices made by our families of 102 gothrajas and spread the Vasavi Matha’s message “Dharmam, Seelam/Integrity and Non-Violence” to the world.

Recognition of Sri Vasavi Temples world wide

  • To recognize all Vasavi temples, institutions like Vasavi Sathrams and Hostels.
  • To coordinate the programs of NRIVA in association with Vasavi temples and other Vasavi organizations.
  • To establish a direct connection with all Vasavi Temples and other Vasavi organizations.
  • To celebrate Sri Vasavi Jayanthi across the globe, and to observe Sri Vasavi Matha Atmarpana Dinam and Sri.Potti Sriramulu jayanthi annually world wide in recognition of greatness and sacrifice.

Vasavi Community is not a Caste and NRIVA is not for any Caste

India has very rich history and values that goes back to several thousands of years. Indian society is as complex as its diversity. People who don’t know the history of Vasavi and Vasavi Community often mistake Vasavi Community as a caste. Vasavi community has a strong history and beliefs. To understand the community one need to know the history.

Vasavi was a very beautiful and intelligent girl born in a highly respectable business family. When the King of that kingdom learned and saw beautiful Vasavi, he wanted to marry her. But she rejected him. With lot of power and arrogance the King wanted to overpower Vasavi and their family by force. Many people in the Kingdom did not like the arrogance of the king but they could not raise their voice against the very powerful king. Vasavi asked all the citizens to rise against this undemocratic act. Many citizens came forward and stood by Vasavi and her call. To avoid the bloodshed and violence, Vasavi decided to self-immolate and called everyone to join her to save the atrocity against the power less girls. 102 Families came forward to sacrifice their lives to support Vasavi’s call and they all sacrificed their lives by entering into the fire along with Vasavi with self-immolation rituals performed by 102 rishis one for each couple. Vasavi appealed the world to follow DHARMAM-SEELAM-AHIMSA (DUTY-INTEGRITY-NON VIOLENCE) and restore the peace in the world.

With this great sacrifice the people of Kingdom revolted against the King and ended the dictator king’s rule. Children of these 102 families given the Gothra of the respective rishis and they called these 102 families as Vasavi Community. These 102 Rishis established rules for marriages between the families of 102 Gothras. Since then Vasavi Community marriages happens between these 102 Gothras within the framework established and restoring the tradition of Vasavi Community and taking Lord Vasavi’s legacy and her message DHARMAM-SEELAM-AHIMSA to future generations. This matrimonial system is strictly being followed even today. By keeping their unique system of matrimony they are preserving the thousands years old history, legacy and strong beliefs. Keeping the legacy and tradition is as important as preserving ones history.

Vasavi Community treats Lord Vasavi as the Goddess Parvathi, who took Birth to make the world peaceful with the great principles of Duty, integrity and Non-Violence. Vasavi Community built numerous temples of Vasavi, Senior living homes, Ashrams everywhere. Following Lord Vasavi’s message they are involved with service of the society and service of underprivileged for hundreds of years. Vasavi Community is very peaceful, highly spiritual and helpful community and follows vegetarianism. Vasavi community celebrates Vasavi’s self-immolation day (Atmarpana Mahotsavam) and Vasavi Jayanthi (Vasavi’s Birthday) with great devotion.

Vasavi associations are serving the society for several hundreds of years in India. As the result of globalization, many Indians are living all over the world and they are known as NRIs. NRIs are preserving the great legacy, history, culture, tradition, arts of India with highest passion. Non Resident Indian (NRI) Vasavi community is trying to keep the legacy of Vasavi tradition and spread Vasavi’s great message DHARMAM-SEELAM-AHIMSA and serving the society with great passion. NRI Vasavi Association in USA is spearheading the Vasavi movement outside India. Vasavi Community is not a Caste. It is a big family. It is a group of families who follow Vasavi and her message.

Please inform your community about NRIVA for support and unity. This awareness is very useful for you and our community.