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Summer Internships

Welcome to Summer Internships. For any questions email to


Frequently asked questions for NRIVA summer internship:

1.             Is this a virtual or in-person activity?

Answer: Virtual


2.             Is this a paid or unpaid internship?

Answer: It is unpaid.


3.             Where is the link to the application form?

Answer: Application Link for Summer 2024:

4.             Is this for 11th and 12th grade only?

Answer: It is mainly for 11th and 12th grade due to college applications but 9th and 10th can also apply and will be considered


5.             When are the start and end dates?

Answer: July 1st to August 25th


6.             Are there any internships available in the health field?

Answer: Yes


7.             Is there a minimum number of weeks you must be available to participate in this    

Answer: Preferred min 6 weeks.


8.             Can we be in college to apply for the program

Answer: Yes, please apply you may be considered.


9.             When is the due date for the application:

Answer: End of this week (30th June)


10.          What does the equity group do?

Answer: They may do a research report on inflation, labor shortage, market situation, etc.


11.          Is it 5 people in each team or 5 people overall that get the scholarship?

Answer: Overall 5 people.


12.           How do we join the tutoring program?
            Answer: Please reachout to Venkat Sriram from NJ, for detailed answer.


13.          Was the interest meeting recorded?




14.          Is there any VISA required for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award?

Answer: You must have a Green Card or United States Citizenship to be qualified for PVSA awards, you can still participate, but no PVSA certificate but participation certificate will be provided.


15.          What is the pre-application form used for?

Answer:For recruitment process.


16.          Do we need to submit a resume?

Answer:Yes please do if you have one, it is optional.


17.          Where is the link to the “Unpaid Internship” or official application form?

Answer: Application Link for Summer 2024:


18.          Are timings and dates flexible?

Answer: Yes


19.          Are there any medical shadowing opportunites?

Answer: As of now we do not have any available.


20.          Is volunteer hours given in the participation certificate?

Answer: Yes


21.          What are examples of research on particular subjects?



22.          Are there any sustainability initiatives that I can intern for?



23.       Can you do this program after school hours?

            Answer: Yes, in case your school starts before the internship ends


24.       How many hours are required for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award?



Teens (11-15 years old):


Bronze: 50-74 hours

Silver: 75-99 hours

Gold: 100+ hours


Young Adults (16-25 years old):


Bronze: 100-174 hours

Silver: 175-249 hours

Gold: 250+ hours


25.       Where is the link to the interest meeting slideshow? 



26.       Is there internship opportunities in the science categories?



27.       What is the pre-screen questionnaire and what is the volunteer form summer  
            internship?Are they related?




28.      What would internships to business, finance, or marketing look like?



29.      What is the duration of the summer internship?

           Answer: 6 - 8 weeks.

           At least for 6 weeks, on an average committing to about 10 hours per week between July  
           1, 2023 to September 1, 2023.


30.     How do we learn more about PVSA, submission etc.?


          More information will be forthcoming on submission process. Refer to for
           details regarding this program and email


31.     Who is responsible for providing guidance and necessary task information?


         Based on your interests and project availabilities, you will be assigned a mentor/guide   
          from the pertinent NRIVA standing committee and its chairperson. During your project  
          kickoff, you will get further details about your internship.


32.     What methods of recognition are planned for the interns?


For those that are eligible to apply for PVSA (US Citizens/Permanent residents), these hours will be counted towards that process.

All interns that complete their tasks will receive a certificate of completion issued by NRIVA.

Interns that are exceptional or have done outstanding work will be able to receive recommendation/referral letters from the committee chairs.

Five interns will be selected by the NRIVA leadership based on recommendations and evaluation of interns’ work product (project completion, effort, dependability etc.) for $1,000 scholarship each.


Any additional questions should be directed to