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COVID-19 Response


NRIVA is engaged in multiple activities of educate, help, counsel COVID victims. NRIVA volunteers in USA and India are working tirelessly to help the needy by providing required counseling, coordinating with Doctors and Hospitals, Oxygen, Plasma Donors, Pharmacy, Test Centers, Food Services. In this engagement, NRIVA partnered with multiple national and international organizations to reach at large. Please use the corresponding links below to seek help. We request you partner with NRIVA by volunteering or by making donation. For further details, reach out to us at

Activity No Of Cities City Name No Of Hours No Of Volunteers Quantity Dollar's Spent
Oxygen Concentrators 10 India 10 1 100
No Of Meals Served 10 India 1 10 100
Tablet Kits 10 India 1 10 100
Ventilators Supported 10 India 1 10 100
Hospital Beds 10 India 1 10 100
Medical Help 10 India 1 10 100




























NRIVA Covid Support …