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Adopt A Parent

NRIVA is pleased to inform, launch of Adopt-a-Parent (AAP) another signature program effective May 2020.

Program Highlights

Humanitarian support services to destitute senior citizen parents, who are abandoned by their families and no where to go in their golden years.


  • Helping “senior citizen parents” with “Essential services”
  • Provide “necessaries” for life sustenance and progress
  • Provide “daily meals” and/or “essential food” arrangements
  • Provide “shelter home” accommodation references and support
  • Provide “health-care” needs, medical facilities and medication supplies
  • Provide “opportunities” for spare time work  and petty job engagements
  • Provide “counseling” and guidance services by connecting to NGO’s
  • Provide “monetary support” arrangements through serving organizations 

How does this program work?

Beneficiary Application Requests

  • Beneficiary applications are solicited
  • Applicant references are welcome

Requests can be made through

  • Send an email to with contact information, one of our associate will reach out to you

Donor solicitations and beneficiary matching

  • Approved beneficiaries for donor solicitations
  • Donor commitments are for a desired “unit of time”

Fund distributions will be managed

  • A dedicated fund account
  • A dedicated operating committee

Sponsoring for Adopt-A-Parent

  • Approved beneficiaries will be available through campaigns and online
  • Sponsors can provide their “preferences” on the beneficiaries.
  • AAP operating committee will try their best to match the beneficiary, considering equal opportunity and overall program guidelines
  • Sponsors can commit for a unit of time, specific need, care or benefit
  • Sponsors can extend the commitments at any point during their period of commitment
  • All commitment proceeds towards this program are tax deductible in US only.

AAP Operating Committee

  • AAP OPERATING COMMITTEE will consist of;
    • AAP operating committee with NINE (9) members
    • THREE members from AAP standing committee (chair and co-chairs)
    • TWO members, one each from EC and Board of Directors
    • TWO members from Emeritus members
    • TWO life members, who have prior experience operating similar programs
  • AAP executes on the approved operating guidelines

For any further details, contact at