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In Observance of Ammavari Atmarpana Day, this month is Service month


Vasavi Atmarpana Dinotsavam falls on the Second day of Shukla Paksha in Magha Maasam (Magha Month)

as per traditional calendar.

On the this Day river banks of Godavari , at a holy place of beahmakunda , Vasavi Kanyak Parameswari Devi entered into Agnikunda and left physical abode and became united with the lord.

Please plan to conduct service activities in your chapter

*Suggested Activities:*
·Distribute Food/Clothing/Blankets to Homeless or needy families
·Donate to Foodbank
·Cook food or Sandwich seva - donate to local soup kitchen
·Donate Hygiene kits
·School supplies to needy students
·Come up with your own seva activity
·Engage youth to earn community service hours
*Reach out/Call/Email*

Ask Their Needs 

Make a list

Order online - Ship the items directly to location

Collect & Drop off the items at the location

Strictly Follow COVID guidelines