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Financial Independence - 3

Dear Vasavites

Inviting all NRIVA families to Register and join us

Topic: Financial Independence - Session 3! 

NRIVA Business & Equity Advisory committee brings you financial independence related webinar series to help and educate NRIVA Members.

Organized by:

  • Venkat Belde – EC Liason
  • Naveen Goli - Board Liason
  • Kishore Mantri - Chair
  • Ram Kangyampeta - Co-Chair
  • Srujan Repakula - Co-Chair
  • VinayaDatta Seeryada - Member
  • Vishnu V Akula - Member
  • Praveen Singirikonda - Member
  • Raghunath Garlapati - Member
  • Vamshi Yelakanti - Equity Advisor
  • Jay Devaki - Equity Advisor

How to Join:

Conference Call Details:

Conference call details will be emailed to registered NRIVA members.

Date & Time:

Wednesday, Apr 7th 2021, 9pm (Eastern) / 8pm (Central)/ 6pm (Pacific).


Panelists: Vamshi Yelakanti 

1) What to look for and the mindset needed to make independent financial decisions.

2) Understand all the available investments in the USA and where people are investing.

(We will cover IUL/VUL/Fixed & Variable Annuity and compare it to Real Estate Investment.

We will see a CaseStudy how to get pension of $150k/Annum for life)

3) How to set your Goals and come to a conclusion of deciding the best investment before

Disclaimer: The information being provided on NRIVA website or in the webinars is strictly as a courtesy and for educational purposes only. NRIVA does not provide any investment services or endorse any service provider. NRIVA, the organizers, or the speaker make no representation as to the completeness or accuracy of information provided Nor are we liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage or any direct or indirect consequences arising out of your participation in our event or your use of information made available through this website or webinar. Please evaluate your investment objectives and consult a licensed professional before making any investment decisions. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Please invest at your own risk and do your due diligence before taking any investment decisions. By registering and/or participating in our events and webinars you are agreeing to these terms and conditions and assume full responsibility for all your actions and consequences.