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5 Week - Holistic Mental Health Plan

Dear Vasavites

5 Week Holistic Mental Health Program

Mindfulness Yoga + Meditation + Nutritional Meal Plan + Acupressure


The goal of this course is to help clients be more mindful and practice techniques to nourish their minds and body. The 5-week course is an affordable way to challenge your mind and body and is a way to be held accountable for your progress. During the course, participants will be taught how to shift their mindset regarding health and wellness and be given daily instruction and challenges to work toward their own individual goals.

Benefits of this program: 

The program is uniquely designed to help the Indian American population, and is an adaptive way to learn and grow


Sahiti Karumuri is a Mental health therapist and wellness coach based in Hawaii. She has two Ivy league master's degrees from the University of Pennsylvania in the field of mental health counseling. She works as a crisis counselor and at a private practice. Sahiti has been a follower of yoga and meditation most of her life and has had a lifelong passion and knowledge of plant-based nutrition.

Program Structure:

  • Weekly 1 live session on Sunday morning
  • Chance to do a live class with yoga and meditation
  • Learn the new acupressure
  • Get the meal plan 
  • Yoga routines for the week, and go over the benefits of them all
  • Check in on the progress
  • Ask any questions

Benefits of the Plan:

  • Better mood
  • Reduced stress
  • Weight loss
  • Reduce in body pains
  • Increase the mind and body connection
  • Developing a routine and being accountable to sticking with it
  • Better sleep
  • Building healthy eating habits
  • Daily exercise
  • Reduction in a number of other mental health concerns

What’s Included:

• Check ins
• Morning and night meditation
• 2 acupressure points to focus on
• Nutrition info

• Yoga routine
• Suggested meal plan

• Evidence-based yoga and acupressure practices
• Daily therapeutic yoga routine
• Morning and night time meditations
• Daily meal plan with vegan and gluten-free recipes
• Weekly check-in
• Weekly live lessons
• Individualized access to me for feedback, tailored plans, and questions


How to Join:

Register with a valid email, meeting link and conference details will be sent to your inbox

Organizing Committee:

NRIVA Health & Fitness Committee