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NRIVA COVID-19 Response - Help Line

NRIVA is pleased to inform our member community, launch of NRIVA COVID-19 Response Helpline nationwide. This program is effective since April 2020.

USA Covid Supoort Link

All the NRIVA Members can utilize the Vaccination locations and resources by clicking the below click and there is seperate link for each state once you visit that page and it is Mobile Friendly also

NRIVA COVID-19 Response - Help Line *

A “non-medical” humanitarian support providing community services, non-medical advice, essential needs like food supplies, shelter and life advocacy.

  • Provide “non-medical” nationwide help line support
  • Provide “personal protective supplies” to healthcare workers
  • Provide “case management” for the families in distress
  • Helping “seniors” with “essential services
  • Providing attorney and health care professional “references
  • Assistance to “visiting parents” with travel and health advice
  • Support “International Students” with legal, health and shelter

How does it work?

A member in distress can contact NRIVA Help Line, in one of the following methods

  • Calling the 24X7 NRIVA Help line at 1-855-WE-NRIVA 
  • Message using “Contact Us” from

About NRIVA Help Line

  • Experienced support team
  • Compassionately listen, console and guide as needed
  • Mobilizes additional NRIVA support resources
  • Facilitates support from initiation through closure
  • Collaborate with Trusted non-profit partners *

Donate to Covid-19 Relief Fund

*in collaboration with Sewa International, a nonprofit specialized in disaster relief and rehabilitation

* NRIVA COVID-19 hotline is intended for informational purposes only. It is not a medical or legal advice, and it is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or legal advice.