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VirtualMeet4 FAQ

NRIVA VIRTUAL MATRIMONY MEET-4 (June 5th & 6th, 2021)


Event Dates & Details:

  • Dates: August 28th (Saturday) and August 29th (Sunday), 2021. 
  • Time: Starts @ 10.00 AM EST onwards….
  • Last day of enrollment: August 21, 2021.
  • Enrollment to the event is FREE. Enroll at


Eligibility:  Must meet ALL FOUR requirements:

  1. Prospective brides and grooms WHO ARE VASAVITES.
  2. Holding USA/Canada Citizenship (or) USA Green Card. 
  3. Have a NRIVA Eedu-Jodu Profile ID.
  4. Must enroll for this event. 

New Profile Registration:

  • If you do not have a Profile ID OR new to the Eedu-Jodu, please register your profile at 
  • The Matrimony Committee will review and approve the profile within 1-2 days. 
  • The respective registrant will get the confirmation e-mail with the Eedu-Jodu profile ID #.
  • The profile registration at NRIVA Eedu-Jodu is FREE.

Approval process for the event participation:


  • The Matrimony Committee will process the requests after the deadline and will make a final list of participants. 
  • Only those candidates who meets the eligibility criteria would get an e-mail with confirmation, event details and Zoom link.

Matrimony Committee’s expectations:

  • Despite our elaborate efforts to allow larger participation, we may still not be able accommodate all candidates who enrolled due to the time limitation. Therefore, please enroll only if you have ‘sincere intension’ to attend and present yourself in the event. In other words, your no-show slot might have been potentially used by another eligible candidate, whom we could not give a chance for time limitation. 


Matrimony Committee Contact Information:

  • Contact for any further details through e-mail at  OR  
  • Calling at 1-855-936-7482 Ext. 703

About Organization: 

NRIVA is a non-profit Vasavi Cultural and Social Service association based in North America. NRIVA formed to help under privileged people in the areas of Education and Health. Goal of NRIVA is Connecting to Serve, help the society and to spread the message of Vasavi Matha, “DHARMAM-SEELAM-AHIMSA”. Please visit  for more details.


Like to join NRIVA family?  

Become a member or life member of NRIVA by registering at All the registrants will get the

organizational communications about all types of events. Members will get an opportunity to become

volunteer in any standing committee events and Life member eligible to become office bearer of NRIVA or part of any of the standing committees. Want to know more details of life membership, please e-mail at 

About the program / significance of GoShala

GoMatha: Care for Cows inspires people to make an impact in improving compassion towards animals, particularly Cows. We support GoShalas in protecting and nurturing cows, promoting a culture of reverence towards these sacred animals.

Sponsorship details

  • 1. Save a Cow - Buy in Auction / From poor farmers, Save from Slaughterhouse
  • 2. Adopt a Cow - Lifetime / For a year, Includes Feed, Medicines, Regular Health Check-ups
  • 3. Feed a Cow - One week/month/year
  • Tulabharam - One time (Food Weight - Weight of the Cow)

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Gayathri Go Seva Samithi, Kurnool
Gomayi Nadamayi, Vijayawada
Muralithara Anusandhana, Jagityala
Sri Shubhankaree, Dundigal
Sree Ramanuja Goshala, Tiruvannamalai
Sri Venkatesawara Goshala, Khammam
Surabhi Goshala, Thatipalli, SriRangam

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