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December 12th, 13th, 19th and 20th 2020 - REGISTRATION FAQs



Who is organizing this NRIVA Virtual Matrimony – Global Meet event?

This Global Virtual Matrimony meet is organizing by NRI VASAVI ASSOCIATION, USA Matrimony Committee.



NRI Vasavi Association is a social and cultural non-profit organization for all Vasavi followers across the globe. NRIVA is connecting all Vasavites and serving the entire community in USA and abroad. NRIVA has participation of intellectuals and leaders from all over the world. NRIVA Local chapters in USA and other countries are very active in different activities in their locations.


Why this Virtual Matrimony named as GLOBAL?

Because this event gives an opportunity for all Vasavites who are living in different parts of the world and looking for global alliances.


What are the Dates & Time of the Event?

December 12th, 13th, 19th and 20th 2020. Time of the event will be communicated before the event date as time varies globally.


Why the event is hosted on multiple days?

To accommodate large number of participants across the globe.


Why time is not fixed now?

To maximize the convenience to all those participants as it is global, and the time varies based on global location.


Who are eligible for this Virtual Matrimony – Global Meet?

All those prospective brides and grooms who are vasavites living across the globe and interested in global alliances. Also must have a NRIVA Eedu-Jodu Profile ID registered at


What is the last date of enrollment?

Last date of enrollment is November 25, 2020.


Is there a fee for the enrollment?

NO. The enrollment is FREE.


Does all those who enrolled for the event can participate?

NO. The event is limited enrollment. Not all those enrolled will get participation details. Suggest to not wait for the last date for enrollment.


Why the enrollment is limited?

To effectively manage the logistics of the event being a global and virtual.


Which countries are participating in this global event?

Vasavites living across the globe. Eg.: USA, Canada, India, Australia, Singapore, UK, UAE, Malaysia, Switzerland, France etc.,


I have participated in previous Virtual Matrimony events. Can I participate in this event?

YES. If you are open for global alliances.


What is NRIVA Eedu-Jodu profile ID?

Profile ID is the number provided to the registrants at the time of their respective matrimonial profile registration at NRIVA Eedu-Jodu site.


We have our profile at Eedu-Jodu site of the NRIVA. Do we again need to create profile for the event?

Not required. You can just enroll the event with your already existing Eedu-Jodu profile ID #


I don’t have profile ID. How to create my own?

If you don’t have profile ID, you can register your profile at NRIVA Eedu-Jodu site,


What is the process after profile registration?

Once you complete the profile registration process, matrimony committee will review for the authenticity of the information and approve. It takes generally 1-2 days if all information is authentic and correct. Once approved, the respective registrant will get the registration confirmation with profile ID for reference.


Why do we need to create profile ID?

NRIVA is going to organize virtual, regional & convention matrimony events throughout the year. Candidates are required to enroll separately for each event. Having Profile ID avoids providing all details again and again at the time of each registration.


What are the other advantages I have by creating my profile ID at NRIVA Eedu-Jodu site?

You will have access to see the profiles of all the registrants and can be able to communicate with your interested candidates.


How to enroll into the Event?

By accessing the URL link OR

by accessing Events Calendar from News & Events section through OR using registration that is circulating through WhatsApp.


How to participate in the event?

Event participation is from home through ZOOM network.


Can my parents participate in the event?

Yes. Parents are recommended to participate along with prospective bride or groom.


I have registered but not able join. Can my parents join on my behalf?

NO. It is exclusively for participants and parents are optional.


Can I attend event all days?

Yes but your presentation is limited to your allotted days/session only. All other days/session are for viewing only.


Is there any difference between days/sessions?

Only participants (presenters) will differ from session to session.


What are the event participation details?

Zoom link and instructions to participate in the event. All the finalized registrants will receive an e-mail with all participation details.


Does all those who enrolled for the event will get the participation details?

NO. The registration is limited due to constraint being virtual and global event.


When do the participants receive the event participation details?

After enrollment completion date and a week before the event.


Can we share the participation details to all our relatives?

NO. The participation details are only for eligible participants and their parents.


Can we share the participation details to our parents living in different countries than my present residing country?

YES but only to the parents.


Are you going to arrange this type of Virtual Matrimony Events in the future?

YES. Future event details will be notified through social media.


How to contact the organizers for any questions?

Through e-mail OR by calling at 1-855-936-7482 Ext. 703 (USA)


How to participate in NRIVA organization events?

Become a member of NRIVA by registering at You will have access to all executive and standing committees to express your interest and become the part of the NRIVA family. All the members become part of organization communications about the all types of events.