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Travel to India

 COVID-19 Travel Guidelines and Restrictions
  • Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, travel to India is restricted to Citizens of India only, no foreign passport holder will be allowed to travel till further restrictions are lifted
  • If you or a family member needs to travel for emergencies, then you need to first register at  Indian Embassy
  • Currently Flights are flying out of San Francisco, Washington Dulles, Chicago and Newark
  • Passengers are picked by lottory and then are allowed to ticket with Air India
  • In extreme emergencies phone call to Embassy and Consulate staff can expedite
  • Avoid any non-emergency travel
  • Other resources to consider:

                 – NRIVA has partnered with SEWA International, call our Help Line - 1-855-WE-NRIVA or Message using “Contact Us” from

                 – Air India has more information