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NRIVA COVID-19 Relief Fund

An exclusive NRIVA’s fund to support the immediate and long-term relief and recovery of the vulnerable communities during the most challenging times

  • Provide essential services and supplies to the impacted families
  • Provision of lifesaving medical supplies to healthcare shelters
  • Feed children who rely on school meals as the only source of nutrition
  • Support hygiene awareness efforts and campaigns
  • Work with nonprofits and service organizations on aligned projects
  • Deliver essential items to struggling families and senior individuals in quarantined cities and camps

How does it work?

Target $20,000 NRIVA COVID-19 Relief Fund

  • Member donations
  • Sponsored donations

NRIVA will match dollar-to-dollar up to $10,000 to the fund.

Please contribute for the cause at 


Fund distributions will be managed

  • A dedicated fund account
  • A dedicated operating committee

For any further details, contact at