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NRIVA Covid-19 FAQs

What is this Helpline for?
To fulfill any humanitarian needs to the best of our abilities other than 911 emergency

Is it 911/emergency Service provider?
Please note that we are not a 911 service. This is purely a voluntary service, provided at our best capacity.

What kind of services does NRIVA Helpline provide?
All “non-medical” advice and support services

What are the different countries does NRIVA provide the services?
Primarily USA and India

What is the NRIVA Helpline Contact Number?
Available at

Is NRIVA Helpline 24/7 or Operating timings?
It is a 24/7 service

Is it a community based organization ?
It is a community based organization, service is for all

Do I get an Immediate Assistance
Can I get Medical Assistance for visiting Parents
Can I get emergency monetary Help?
Emergency Immigration Assistance COVID-19 related Death/Funeral Services