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Rise Against Hunger

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NRIVA Cares Day - Rise Against Hunger 

NRIVA partnered with "Rise Against Hunger" service organization in 2019 to pledge one million meals to the needy across the globe in 5 years. We raised 240,000 meals in 2019, raised 430,000 meals in 2020 and raised 250,000 Meals in 2021.  This year NRIVA is expecting to raise the same or exceed 250,000 meals by Dec 31st, 2022. It only costs 39 cents a meal, $85 can feed one Kid per school year.

Please donate generously and join us to reduce the world hunger.

Price Chart for Donation :

Number of Meals Donation Amount
100 $39
200 $78
300 $117
400 $156 
218 $85 (One Kid for School Year)








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Rise Against Hunger - 2022

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Raise Against Hunger

Raise Against Hunger

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