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OH - Columbus Chapter

Columbus OH Chapter was started in May 2011 with few vasavite families and reached to 200 families in 8 years. We have actively involved in all global conventions along with hosting a successful 2015 NRIVA 3rd Global Convention, about 3000 guests from around the globe attended Columbus convention and returned their homes with sweet memories.

Chandra Boggavarapu, Ranjith Kumar Gampa and Supriya Somisetty are the current chapter leads and we have a team of 20 volunteers for all events planning. We have very active leaders like Srinivas Akula (NRIVA Executive Director), Ramesh Vardha(Regional Director), Ashok Ellendula (Executive Member) and Santosh Vellore (Chapter Coordination Committee Chair).

We do 4 events per year regularly like Vasavi Atmarpana Day, Vasavi Jayanthi, Picnic and Diwali events. Columbus chapter actively participates in lot of service events and successfully participated in the RAH meal packing event organized by NRIVA.

Chapter Leads


    Chandra Boggavarapu


    Ranjith Kumar Gampa


    Krishna Somisetty


    Santosh Vellore