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TX - Austin Chapter

Austin chapter was started about 5 years ago with a small gathering of 8-10 familes in one of the founders' house. Slowly it grew to a size of about 120 families in the last 5 years. We created Austin Vasavi Family WhatsApp group to share the info and help one another within our Extended Family.

We organized picnics and social gatherings during the first 2-3 years. We worked with Austin Hindu Temple (AHT) management and raised funds and got a Vasavi Temple built inside AHT. Since then we have been celebrating Vasavi Jayanthi, Atmarpanam on a large scale besides Vasavi Monthly Puja in addition to social gatherings/picnics. We got the opportunity to raise funds for the complete Silver ornamentation of Vasavi Matha. This year we had a Special Alankaaram (all 9 days) and Puja for the well decorated Vasavi Matha during Navaratri.

3 Years ago we introduced first of its kind event called "Recognizing the High School Graduating Students and their Parents" in our summer picnic where these students share their accomplishments and experiences with the other parents and future graduates. In that program we also let all the kids speak out about what they want to become when they grow up.

All these events are organized by our dedicated volunteers and there are no positions within the organizers. We have formed a small group of volunteers which has been growing due to addition of new volunteers who come forward to lead and help with the events.

We have formed a Bhajan group of 10 plus members with instrumentalists, song writers and singers who perform on the major Vasavi events at the temple. Our Vasavites have been playing key roles in the Temple and also in the local Telugu Organization. We also created a separate group to discuss and share about investment opportunities.

All these were possible with the blessings of Vasavi Matha and the dedication of the Vasavi members.

Chapter Leads




    Sandeep Golla


    Venkateswaran Ranganathan


    Rohini Kotta