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Recognition and Facilitation of our AAS Beneficiaries

Posted on Feb 13, 2019, By admin Nriva

Our President Nagender Aytha has initiated a great event with AAS program scholarship students. We had great opportunity to witness first-of-its-kind event in Hyderabad. During this event more than 50 AAS student beneficiaries were recognized and facilitated. It was wonderful experience seeing the AAS beneficiaries settling in corporate companies with good jobs. Thank you very much to our India team and AAS team for executing a great program in very short time.

Kudos to to Sanyasi Rao, Kittanna, Anil Gupta, Shiva, Anil Padakanti, Sudheer, Phani garu, Srikar. Special Thanks to our AAS chair Prashanth Veerabomma and AAS team for planning this great event.

Our Thanks to Shankar Shetty, Ravi Ellendula, Praveen Thadakamalla, Suresh Chatkondu, Gangadhar Vuppala, Sudhakar Pennam, Rohit Vuppala, Bhanu Illindra, Jay Manda and Mohan Krishna for coming all the way from USA to attend the event.

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