Greetings from the NRIVA team and thank you for your interest in Donating to the NRIVA. It is our hope that this site will help you learn more about the many ways to support us and learn the importance of your contributions.

Thanks to all the generous donors who are supporting our services over the years and looking forward for your donations in future. We are very thankful for entrusting our organization in delivering the services like Adopt A Student, Matrimony, Health etc and also as a forum for ‘Connecting to Serve’. Our exceptional team of volunteers and their services to needy would not be possible without the generous support of your time and money. We have very limited over heads and promise you that we do serve the betterment of the society. We hope that you will consider making a gift today.  Your tax-deductable (IRS Employee ID# : 26-1923816 ) donation will make a difference.

NRIVA 2019 Matching Grants Flyer

Make a Donation

The Online Appeal is and must always be the priority at NRIVA as it provides essential support on an annual basis to furnish the necessary resources to fulfill our mission ‘Connecting to Serve’ and provide funding to our service programs like Adopt A Student, Health, Matrimony etc. Online donation gifts provide the edge needed to support and enhance our services of NRIVA.

Your tax-deductible (IRS Employee ID# : 26-1923816) gift will help us to further expand our services.

The online donation is an unrestricted source of income that gives NRIVA the opportunity to allocate funds where the need is greatest.

Gifts may be made to the NRIVA by clicking the DONATE button below:


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