Vasavi Jayanthi 2019

Vasavi Matha, also referred as Sri Kanyaka Parameswari is born on Vaisakha Suddha Dasami which falls on 13th May 2019 in North America. Vasavi Matha’s life is worth remembering, because of her faith in non-violence religious values and her defense for status of women. Sri Kanyaka Parameswari who had rejected worldly pleasures and won the minds of Vasavites also the champion of Dharmam, Seelam, Peace thru non-violence, should be remembered at all times by one and all.

As you all know many chapters are preparing for Vasavi jayanthi celebrations during April and May 2018, we wish all the chapters a grand successful celebrations. Events like these will bring us much closer as extented family and community.

Kindly go thru Vasavi Matha Story. After pooja please read this story so that all participants can listen and get enlightened by her message of Duty, Integrity, and Peace.

Please see here 2019 Vasavi Jayanthi Celebrations schedule at your location or nearest chapter and take part in it. Visit for Vasavi Jayanthi Pictures from chapters.

May Vasavi Matha shower her blessings on all of us!

Jai Vasavi Matha


For further details about Vasavi Jayanthi event or need support for event organizing please contact Vasavi Jayanthi Committee at