NRIVA Global Convention 2017 : Kick-off Event

Dear NRIVA Members / Patrons,

Jai Vasavi Matha….

We had our NRIVA 4th GLOBAL CONVENTION Kick-off event in Edison, New Jersey on Sunday 5th Feb. 2017, and it was a grand success. A big Congrats & kudos to the Convention lead team, TP Sinivasa Rao – Convener, Suresh Chatakondu – Co-Convener, Praveen Thadakamalla the Convention Secretary. Under the able guidance of our President, V. Nagendra Gupta the Kickoff event was super successful. 

There are multiple highlights of the grand Kickoff which includes Ganesha & Vasavi Matha prayers, launching of Convention Banner, Logo, flyer, Fund Raising, and the happiest news is Vasavi Vani Newsletter re-launch, 2018-19 EC President elect- Hari Raini and 2018-19 – Board Chairman – Pavan Darisi.

It was well organized and executed by Tri-State Vasavi Society/NRIVA. More than 60 members from NRIVA Executive Committee, Board, Chapter leads and Core members arrived from all over USA and about 550 members attended from local NJ and nearby major states including New York, PA, Maryland, Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, Boston, Chicago, Florida, Bay Area, Washington DC Virginia.

Event started with Meet and Greet with EC team and Board of Directors, followed by local Edison team cultural events. We introduced EC and Board to the Edison Chapter and then announced the Convention Leadership team and introduced the Local convention team to everyone.

Founding Chairman Vijay Chavva, spoke about Dharmam-Seelam-Ahimsa, three basic pillars of ideal society and three main directives of Vasavi matha. We as the ambassadors of these three values use the convention to promote essentials to build ideal society in the world; He also emphasized the need to promote bonding, sense of belongingness within NRIVA families in the world through convention, which was well received and praised by the everyone present there.

Our Chairman Suresh Katta garu launched the Convention Logo, and the Flyer launched by our co-founder, Vijay Chava garu and “Vasavi Vani” re-launch by next Chairman Pavan Darisi, along with all EC/BOD was another highlight of the Kickoff. Logo has deep meaning of how to be together and defines root level interactions with India and USA. “Vasavi Vani” is another innovative newsletter talks about our NRIVA major activities, highlights, achievements & new initiations. Thanks to the editor-Mannar Dhandapani from Ohio.

We started informal fundraising and beat the previous three conventions informal fundraise during their kick off events. This gesture gave lot of confidence to the NJ team and the whole NRIVA family. Special thanks to all donors and sponsors.

NJ team also served a delicious lunch to everyone in traditional and authentic with mouthwatering “madatha kajas”, “Hyderabadi double ka meetha” & “Rolu Pachadi” and many more delicious cuisine.

On Feb 4th, 2017 Saturday, all the EC & BOD team met to discuss important agenda related to the NRIVA leadership change, and upcoming convention discussions & bye laws amendments input.

We had a very purposeful and constructive EC & Board meetings and the budget for the convention was presented, discussed in the joint meeting and approved in this meeting. Our current Vice President Hari Raini was proposed & accepted as EC President Elect for 2018-19, and the Board has elected Mr. Pavan Darisi as Chairman of NRIVA Board for 2018-19.

Here are some of the Joint meeting (EC and Board) and Kickoff event pictures.

It is not easy to spare a weekend from families travelling so far. We are very fortunate to have such highly passionate team, making NRIVA is the 1st priority and coming all the way to New Jersey for this event. We would like to thank our Board of Directors, Executive Committee, chapter leads, Standing committee chairs, Volunteers and all other committed NRIVA extended family members. Congratulation to all of you for having such a grand kickoff event. We are sure that we can do more good things to the community collectively with your co-operation.

Thanks to entire NJ/NY team for their hard work, wonderful arrangements and great execution of the event. Congratulations to our Convention Convener – TP Srinivasa Rao, co-convener-Suresh Chatakondu & Convention Secretary-Praveen Thadakamalla and energetic local NJ volunteers & tristate team. We are sure that we will have a great and successful 4th Global Convention in Edison, New Jersey.

We are planning NRIVA GLOBAL CONVENTION 2017 awareness meetings (NRIVA-Day) in all major chapters between March and July. Please stay tuned for further details.


Convention details will be updated at WWW.NRIVA2017.ORG

We see tremendous response for the upcoming convention and with all your support and help the event will be more successful. Looking forward for a wonderful 4th Global Convention and see you all in Edison, New Jersey, USA

Jai Vasavi Matha

NRIVA Executive Committee, NRIVA Board of Directors & 2017 Convention team.