: Venkatesh Babu Somu
Current Education
Raised Amount
: $350.00
Amount Need
: $350.00
Future Education
: IX
Why do you need Financial Help
: Dear Sir/Madam, My Name is Venkatesh Babu Somu, I have completed my VII standard and pursuing the VIII standard this year. My father and mother passed away due to unexpected health issues. My father has expired in 2015 and my mother expired in 2018. After that my grandmother is taking care of me and my brothers. We are a total of 3 children. I'm 3rd child. My elder brother has completed his B.Tech recently and he is looking for a job and my 2nd brother is pursuing his B.Tech 1st year now. We don't have financial support for our further studies. So we are looking for donators for our higher studies. For this year it will cost around Rs.50,000 including the School fee, books, and Dress, etc., My babayi (Father's younger brother) informed us about this NRIVA to apply for our financial help. He is taking care of all finances and studies after my parents. I have attached the documents of my school admission details along with my parent's death certificates. Please kindly do the needful.
Srinivas Kota , Fremont