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New Leadership Team Formation and Kickoff


Dear Vasavites

NRIVA 2020 - 2021 Leadership Team

NRIVA 2020 - 2021 newly elected President Mr. Hari Raini and Chairman Dr. Jayasimha Sunku garu has formed new leadership teams for calendar year 2020-2021. Kickoff meeting for new leadership oath ceremony, presenting the vision and mission for 2020-2021 was held in Chicago between Jan 31st - Feb 2nd 2020.

President's Message:

NRIVA Mission 20 ONE  !! New Era with New Team !!

I don’t have words to express my sincere thanks to you all.  Whatever I say is not enough, but I will try. 

Chicago Team:

Wonderfully executed the kick-off event. It gives me great pleasure to know that our visiting team of 100+ NRIVA extended family members from all over the US was touched and overwhelmed with Chicago team’s hospitality. The entire 3 day event felt like a family wedding and a real mini-convention. Sat banquet event with 400+ Chicago guests gave them the first opportunity to meet and interact with new leadership team. With Vasavi Matha’s blessings and Slogan from our Chicago Team-  *Athidhi Devobhava* – Team demonstrated the true meaning of our values.  Kudos to each and every Chicago volunteer for making kick-off event a grand success! 

Visitors walked away with awe, confidence and assurance that Chicago is ready to host the 6th global convention. 

Thanks to Praveen Amudala for leading the overall Kick-off event and supported by Chicago Leadership.

Newly Elected Leadership:

Thank you and Congratulations to all newly Elected Leadership of Mission 20 ONE - EC, Board, AC, ED, RD, Standing Committees, Chapter Leads, who took the Oath and Responsibility to help execute the Mission 20-One and take NRIVA to never before seen heights. Congratulations and Welcome to new President-Elect Srinivasa Rao Pandiri garu. 

Outgoing Leadership Team:

My sincere thanks to all past leadership’s support and all the outgoing EC, Board, AC, Standing Committees, Chapter Leads, who also came and took part in this Kick-off event and wishing everyone. 

Special Thanks to our Chairman Dr. Jayasimha Sunku garu for supporting, guiding and advising us every step of the way. 

My sincere thanks to Immediate Past Chairman Shankar Setty garu and Immediate Past President Nagender Aytha garu for all their support over the past six months, from Selection to Transition working very closely with myself and Chairman Dr. Sunku garu. 

Special thanks to GMR Garu and TGV Garu for conveying their best wishes to NRIVA and 2020-21 leadership team.

We had few history making initiatives and first of kind moments at kick-off event over weekend:  Oath taking Ceremony for entire new Leadership, Paving the way and welcoming Smt. Chaya Setty garu as first ever women NRIVA EC member and also taking Joint Secretary duties of NRIVA 2020-21 team.

We have presented our Goals and Objectives set forth for this term everyone and will be publishing our newly formed vision for our Term 2020-2021, named as "Mission 20-ONE" in our website, we need all your support to realize this Mission. 

Thank you everyone who attended and supported the kick-off event, making it a grand success and giving 2020-21 term a great start.

We will soon share the photo/video moments from kick-off event.  Thank you!

Jai Vasavi Matha! Go NRIVA !!

Hari Raini

President, NRIVA

2020-2021 vision and roadmap was presented by president Mr. Hari and chairman Dr. Jayasimha Sunku garu. Presentation is available  here for review.

Sri T.G. Venkatesh garu has sent his message and wishes to the newly formed leadership team: TG Venkatesh Garu

Sri GMR garu has sent his message and wishes to the newly formed leadership team team: GMR Gari message

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