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Dear Vasavites

Walkathon 20 ONE


To encourage physical activity for the Health and Fitness of NRIVA community


Every day 10K steps in the morning/evening/morning & evening

2 miles (morning) + 2 miles (evening) =  4 miles /10K steps

Initial Duration:  60 days ( June 14th - August 12th, 2021)

Individual Goal : 600K steps  in 60 days (10k per day)



How to get started? (Step 1-2-3-4)

1) Download Free Pacer App to your mobile phone

2) Join the NRIVA All Chapters Walkathon 20 ONE Challaenge global group  Pacer App by entering challenge key BBK1445 in the Pacer App search window or  Click on the link below:

3) Get the local chapter challenge key from your chapter lead and enter the local challenge key in the Pacer App search window.

4) Start Walking and watch your step count on Pacer App and Reap the benefits of healthy lifestyle.

Note: Both Steps 2 and 3 are required for all participants and all it takes is simple click on links. Nriva chosen Pacer App as its free, unlimited group size, and good tracking & reporting.

Are you ready to Join the Walkathon 20 ONE Challenge ?   Contact your chapter leads to get started or for any assistance




1.Why to join two chapter groups on Pacer App?

·        NRIVA Walkathon 20 ONE group is created by Health and Fitness Committee for tracking steps across all chapters. This gives visibility to everyone across all chapters. 

·        Local Chapter group is specific to each chapter that is created and managed by Chapter lead. In the local chapter group, members can chat, share ideas and motivate each other for healthy competition.

2.Why only Pacer App ?

Health and Fitness Committee has evaluated various Apps available in the market and also reviewed suggestions from the members. For counting steps, no cost and for the conducting across all chapters in NRIVA, Pacer has been selected.

3.My iPhone is not counting steps. What Should I do ?

4.Can I Sync iWatch data with Pacer ?

5. Sync Fitbit with Pacer Android


6.For additional troubleshooting tips, Check Pacer App 

Me >> Settings > Help Articles (FAQ)

7. Counting Steps without any Device

Chapter Leads can compile the manual steps from individuals from their chapter and send to health and Fitness committee via form provided.




Know Issues with Pacer:

1.For iPhone users, Fitbit data cannot be Synced with Pacer App. Due to this limitation, Fitbit users with iPhone, need to carry their iPhone to have the steps counted by Pacer App.





This Walkathon Program by NRIVA is a good faith attempt to promote Health and Fitness for the community. The graphics text and other material obtained by our teams is for informational purposes. The content is not a substitute for professional advice. Always seek the advice of your personal professional or provider with any questions regarding your objectives and decisions. NRIVA or our teams do not endorse any speakers, individuals or providers, or opinions presented. Reliance on any information, provided by our group, others joining the group at the invitation of NRIVA or other guests on this Program is solely at your risk. NRIVA or our teams are not liable for any damages or consequence arising from your participation in this event. Please do your due diligence.