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Dear Vasavites

NRIVA is very happy to let you all know as we have started Walkathon challenge from Oct 9th 2016. Here are the details.

What’s the challenge

Number of days : 300
Miles : 1000

What we have to do

Chapter leads are requested to choose app like runkeeper for creating “NRIVA Walkathon Chaptername” group then add all members in the respective group. Chapter lead will communicate about app and group details to all chapter members along with clear instructions on how to use the group.

All members are requested to join the respective chapter walkathon group, accept the challenge and update miles weekly to their chapter lead who is leading this effort. Members who don’t have smart phones are requested to track their miles and report weekly miles to the same chapter lead through email etc.

NRIVA will be working with chapter leads to collect the necessary data for choosing winners after the end of the challenge.

Social Media

All are requested to join our Facebook closed page “NRIVA Walkthon Challenge”.

Please contact your chapter lead for any questions. Chapter lead names are listed in ‘Chapters’ page.

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