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Sankranthi Sambaralu & Surabhi Nataka Pradarshana

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Sankranthi Sambaralu     &      Surabhi Nataka Pradarshana

Dear Vasavites


NRIVA Cultural team is excited to host "Sankranthi Sambaralu and Surabhi Nataka Pradarshana" to uplift our culture and pass it to younger generation.

Let’s commence the NEW Year with a blissful Aura. Cultural committee is excited to invite you all to render this auspicious Sankranthi with your presence for the beautiful Sankranthi Sambaralu Live program on Jan 16th 1 PM EST / 10 AM PST. We are bringing you an extravagant stage performance named Maya Bazar by Surabhi team. Event is authentically flavored with activities like Rangoli Competition, Bommala Koluvu exhibits and Burra Katha!!!

** Surabhi Nataka Mandali born around 134 years ago in Andhra Pradesh so preserve the old culture and save the livelihood of Surabhi Nataka Mandali members during COVID so come with big heart to donate to preserve our culture!!! **

Please register to participate in the Sankranthi activities (Rangoli Competition and Bommala Koluvu exhibits: ). Deadline for enrollment is Jan 14th, 2021.