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Dear Vasavites

Information on the Breathing Technique and the Guided Meditation Session:

We often call these sessions as “Secrets to Meditation: An Introduction to Happiness Program” or “Beyond Breath – An Introduction to Happiness Program” or “Mind and Meditation: An Introduction to Happiness Program”

We will do a 1 hour 15 minutes session in which we will have a small interactive session and talk about the breath then I will teach how to do Bhastrika Pranayama and Guide through a meditation. Then we will talk about Sudarshan Kriya and we share about the Happiness Programs.

Discover the power of your breath to manage your mind and experience instant peace & calm.
Join a 75-minute free Workshop and get a glimpse of the Sudarshan KriyaTM- The breathing technique that is revolutionizing the lives of millions.
What you’ll discover at ‘Beyond Breath’
✔ A taste of the Sudarshan KriyaTM, a breathing technique taught in the Online Happiness Program
✔ An instant energy booster that awakens & relaxes your mind - Take it home and practice daily!
✔ The peace & calm of a unique guided meditation
✔ Secret keys to manage your mind
✔ The power of surrounding yourself with positive, like-minded people.