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Introduction to Franchising

Dear Vasavites

Business Interest Group (BIG) Committee is inviting you to an investor education webinar on Everybody Should Own a Business (ESOB) series - Introduction to Franchising

  • Why consider Business Ownership?
  • What is Franchising?
  • Franchise Ownership vs Independent Start-Up?
  • Possible Pitfalls of Franchise Ownership?
  • Myths vs Facts in Franchising
  • Is Franchising right for me?
  • Benefits of using a Qualified Franchise Consultant
  • The process of Franchise Ownership


Eugene Martin is a serial entrepreneur who loves all things business. Starting from humble beginnings in Jamaica, Eugene has led an impressive career in the Logistics and Supply Chain industry before transitioning into being a business owner. It was through this process of business ownership that Eugene was able to discover the world of franchising and ultimately settled in the role of being a Franchise Consultant.

Eugene is now able to leverage his background in business to help others who are considering franchise ownership as a way to experience financial freedom. Through a process of education, coaching and support, Eugene is able to be an expert resource in matching clients with brands that align with their values, goals and skills all while maintaining a high level of integrity, transparency and professionalism.

Eugene lives with his wife, Latoya in the Jacksonville, Florida area. They both are of Christian faith and enjoy eating mangoes.