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AI/ML in Medicine

Dear Vasavites

Presenters Names:
Audience: Students (age 12+) and Adults

Topics to be Covered:
- Intro to AI
- AI Complications in medicine
- Current AI Technology in medicine
- Future of Medical AI

Presenters: Sridhar Samudrala, MD & Sithara Samudrala, BS

Sridhar Samudrala, MD Bio: Dr. Samudrala is also known as ‘Dr. Sam’ is board certified in family medicine. He has been caring for patients of all ages for over 15 years. He specializes in keeping patients healthy from birth onwards. Dr. Sam welcomes new patients in Brentwood, TN. Dr. Sam completed his residency at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, and is the Founder and Medical Director of America’s Family Doctors. As a multi-lingual medical practice, AFD is able to serve English, Spanish, Telegu, and Hindi speaking patients.


Beyond Family Medicine, Dr. Samudrala has a special interest in Medically Supervised Weight Loss, Attention Deficit Disorders, Preventative Medicine and Intermittent Fasting. Dr. Sam is passionate about building a sustainable medical practice, as well as using Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and other tools to help build a Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) practice. His personal interests are tennis, hockey & spending time with his wife and two daughters.


In addition Dr. Sam is passionate about both Aesthetic & Age Management Medicine and serves as the Medical Director of Ideal Image in Nashville TN.

Sithara Samudrala - Having recently graduated from Vanderbilt University in May, Sithara Samudrala devoted her undergrad studying Computer Science on the Artificial Intelligence track. While at Vanderbilt, Sithara gained a special interest in the application of AI in medicine though courses, research, and a plethora of clinical experiences. Outside of Computer Science & Medicine, you’ll likely find Sithara dancing the Bollywood Fusion style for fun!