From the President

Dear NRIVA Family member,

I am happy to share with you that the developments NRIVA witnessed in 2016 has resulted in increasing our membership and growing interest in the community to come out and serve the organization. With the blessings of Vasavi Matha and your wishes, we are reviving our newsletter “Vasavi Vani” starting in February 2017. I thank and appreciate the efforts of Mannar Dhandapani in bringing out the issue.

As I mentioned in my new year message, the programs and events we organized thus far have been well received by the Vasavites in USA and India. We successfully hosted events and activities such as Vasavi Jayanthi, Adopt-a-Student, NRIVA Eedu-Jodu, Ugadi Vedukalu, Yoga, Walkathon, Diwali and a grand Cruise. My sincere thanks to all our Chapter leads, EC, Board, core volunteers and donors/sponsors for their support in making these events successful. Despite the few challenges our organization faced this year, I am happy to report that NRIVA journey continues with a great success focusing on its mission of “Dharmam-Seelam-Ahimsa”. I request the members to visit NRIVA website to get latest updates about all matters concerning NRIVA.

2017 is a convention year for NRIVA. Preparations are in full swing to host our 4th Global convention at New Jersey during the labor day week end, under the leadership of the Convener Srinivasa Rao Tummalapenta, Co-Convener Suresh Chatakondu and Convention Secretary Praveen Thadakamalla. The trio team is set to take the convention to new heights with a strong team from the local chapter. Please look forward to more details about the convention in upcoming issues.

Jai Vasavi Matha!

Sincerely yours,

V. Nagendra Gupta
President, NRIVA 2016-17