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Welcome to NRIVA

NRIVA is a non-profit Vasavi cultural and Social association based in North America. NRIVA formed to help under privileged people in the areas of Education and Health. NRIVA is a registered Non-profit organization in USA. Everyone can help the underprivileged through NRIVA. Goal of NRIVA is to and help the society and unprivileged members of community and to spread the message of Vasavi Matha: DHARMAM-SEELAM-AHIMSA. Read more...

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What we do

Matrimonial (Eedu - Jodu)

NRIVA's Eedu-Jodu matrimonial service is our attempt to help you find the right partner. The service is offered for free to all Vasavites who believe in our motto, Dharmam-Seelam-Ahimsa. With simplicity and mobile friendly design in mind, this matrimonial portal is Designed, Developed and Maintained by NRIVA's Matrimonial Committee.

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Piggy Banks

This project is very similar to AAS. In our homes/Cars we always leave coins everywhere. Idea is to collect all these coins and send the collected money to underprivileged students and to recognize the talented students. This project will also helps our children to understand the importance of giving/sharing to the needy and make the children good hearted people. Under this program NRIVA will give an exclussive piggy bank to interested families. Families with these piggy banks can send the collected money when it reaches to certain amount. NRIVA will track the amount raised by every family and give the ...

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Mangala Sutram

NRIVA is pleased to launch Mangala-Suthram-Project to help the most underprivileged families with the marriages. Our well wisher Sri.Bob Grandhi garu and his wife Smt.Radha garu is doing Mangala Suthram project from many years personally and after looking at NRIVA work, they decided to do this program through NRIVA and expand this program to wider community. They established the process and developed few highly motivated and service oriented people in couple of districts in India.

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Vasavi Jayanthi Celebrations

Vasavi Jayanthi Celebrations are performed every year in several cities connecting thousands of families across USA.

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Events & Activities

NRIVA Walkathon

NRIVA is very happy to let you all know as we have started Walkathon challenge from Oct 9th 2016. Here are the details.

What’s the challenge: Number of days: 300, Miles : 1000

What we have to do: Chapter leads are requested to choose app like runkeeper for creating “NRIVA Walkathon Chaptername” group then add all members in the respective group. Chapter lead will communicate about app and group details to all chapter members along with clear instructions on how to use the group.

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Yoga Day

NRIVA Yoga committee chair Rama Devi Jonnalagadda garu suggesting NRIVA families to do Sun Salutation on this weekend if you did not get a chance to do Yoga on June 21st 2016. She is suggesting to do this event in a group. Her goal is to perform 108 Salutations by 108 people, which is 11664 Salutations.

One Sun Salutation is total body exercise. If you do the salutation 11 times in the morning every day, it will keep your body energized throughout the day. You can create your own team and perform the salutation. You can donate the pledges collected to ...

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NRIVA Convention 2017 Kick-off Event

We had our NRIVA 4th GLOBAL CONVENTION Kick-off event in Edison, New Jersey on Sunday 5th Feb. 2017, and it was a grand success. A big Congrats & kudos to the Convention lead team, TP Sinivasa Rao (Convener), Suresh Chatakondu (Co-Convener), Praveen Thadakamalla (Convention Secretary). Under the able guidance of our President, V. Nagendra Gupta the Kickoff event was super successful.
There are multiple highlights of the grand Kickoff which includes Ganesha & Vasavi Matha prayers, launching of Convention Banner, Logo, flyer, Fund Raising, and the happiest news is Vasavi Vani Newsletter re-launch, 2018-19 EC President elect- Hari Raini and 2018-19 ...

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Vasavi Jayanthi Celebrations

Vasavi Jayanthi Celebrations were performed thisyear in several cities connecting thousands of families across USA.

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NRIVA Cruise 2016

NRIVA successfully completed another cruise trip during the Thanksgiving break, November 24-28, 20016 to the Bahamas. 102 families with the total of 341 individuals participated in the cruise trip, which includes NRIVA Executive Committee members, Board Members, Chapter Leads, Committee Chairs, and families from 20 different chapters and from India on visiting visa.
We had an excellent pre-cruise event in Jacksonville, FL on November 23rd evening. Cultural programs, fun filled games and nice dinner were great attractions in the event. More than 300 Vasavites attended the event, including cruise participants and families from Jacksonville chapter.

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